As a homeowner, your house requires constant maintenance. However, some tasks are better suited for summer than others. Here are 5 tasks for summer home maintenance that will help keep up appearances and safety around the home.

Clean Up the Yard for Summer Home Maintenance

In summer, plants grow more quickly than at other times of the year. What looks like a tiny weed can quickly become a small tree. Mow your lawn every 1-2 weeks and remove weeds as needed. If tree branches extend over the roof or too close to the house, trim them back to prevent damage. A strong summer thunderstorm can cause a tree branch to break a window or fall on the roof.

Wash Windows

Windows need to be washed from the outside periodically, and summer is a good time to do this. If your windows are up high and you’re not comfortable on a ladder, hire a professional. Take the screens down and spray them off to remove cobwebs, pollen, and dead bugs. Let them dry and then return them to the windows after the glass is clean.

Pressure Wash Siding and Pavement

Pressure washing siding can take years off of the house’s appearance. Rent a pressure washer from a hardware store and use it on the siding and surfaces like sidewalks, driveways, patios, and decks. Summer is a great time for this task. Read the instructions on how to use the pressure washer; different pressure settings are required for different types of surfaces. Hire a professional if you’re not confident doing this yourself.

Check the Chimney

While it may seem too early to think about building fires in the fireplace, fall will be here before you know it. Get on the ladder and inspect the chimney, looking for signs of damage. Once fall comes, chimney professionals get booked up and it’s difficult to secure an appointment. Schedule your chimney cleaning and any needed repairs during summer so you won’t have to think about it once cooler weather hits.

Summer Home Maintenance Includes Cleaning the Grill

Cleaning the grill is ongoing summer maintenance. You’ll need to do it after every cookout, which might be multiple times a week. Cooking on a dirty grill is unsafe because grease is flammable. Once the grill cools down, scrub the grates clean and remove burnt coals and ashes. Then it will be ready to go for your next cookout.

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